"Ljiljana Adamovic is an artist that tops her talent with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and patience – for to “paint” a smaller format picture it takes her a full palm of feathers of birds that her husband Boban is breeding. The flowers so created appear to be paintbrush-created until an inquisitive eye discovers a beauty made of tiny feathers stacked with fantastic precision.  Coloristically speaking the pictures are balanced with acceptable gamma with enough soft nuance, giving them a special flare and charm of their own. Nice landscapes and flower arrangements, glued patiently under magnifying glass with great love, make us feel, with their pronounced expressiveness, the most beautiful feelings and radiate with grace and warmth. That is why we can savour them together with the highly original technique of Ljiljana Adamovic”

   With these words our famous photograph Ivo Eterovic described the pictures created by Ljiljana Adamovic. Little could be added to those words. What should be mentioned, though, is that these pictures are completely ecological, nature-friendly, that birds are not plucked for feathers which are naturally colored, which means, that we didn’t colour the feathers. All works were created by bird feathers which some 100 bird species shed while molting, domestic, wild and tropical. What also must be said is that, due to the specific feather structure, no medium can depict the true beauty of the images – they should be viewed live to get a full impression of their beauty.


 Bird feathers’ pictures of Ljiljana Adamović
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