Estacado dei Colossi
       Estacado dei Colossi

   Shortly after the Eremit’s arrival, there came Fenyforaszy Fruska and in succession Ceremit, Fej and Glen. In the meantime Ada came as well, a bitch with multiple open fractures of the front left leg, a condition she had received as a pup after a burglary. Great love of these dogs compelled us to various health enterprises, Ada being not the only one, but certainly the most drastic example. At first we were solely breeding fawn and tiger ones in the nineties we started breeding black and harlequin dogs as well, with the arrival of Dzera Bristolska.

   Ljiljana Adamović and Eremit

      Slobodan Adamović and Eremit

   The Adamovic Family has been breeding the Great Danes since 1973, when a fawn male (baron) came into our courtyard, named Eremit ad Eremitage. He shortly grew on the entire family and since then there is no other race for us.

   In the beginning, we did not know anything about this race but Slobodan Adamovic was captivated by the Great Dane’s character with which you can communicate as with a human without a raised tone of voice. Prior to the Great Danes, Slobodan had experience with German Shepherds and boxers but GD was the only race to fulfill all his expectations and it was only too logical that he pursued the breeding of solely this race with the rest of the household.  

            Džera Bristolska

    In love with what the Great Danes were in the 1970s and 1980s we have striven to this day to maintan the mix of elegance and force with a light movement and gate.We aim to produce our recognizable dog type with good movement, narrow head and elegance not following passing trends and wrong fashion prevailing today in cynology. We hope we will succeed in keeping the true Great Dane temperament as a lively dog, an heir to former bloodhounds excelling in hunt. We are putting a lot of effort to make the dogs friendly and tame to their owners and children and distrustful of the unknown people.


    In so many years spent with such dogs many asked us why we hadn’t registered as breeders, to which we always replied that we saw our dogs as family members with our surname, but not on paper, so that we could dedicate ourselves to every dog presently in our house. This leads to us not having many dogs, from one to four, which we rather sparingly show at exhibitions. This and the current cynological scene in Serbia are the reasons why you will not see that so much “important” CH with our dogs, even with those that merit a champion status.

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