The Great Dane is a commanding race wherever shown, both in its size and force and in its mild temperament and posture. That is the reason why children always flock to them and journalist teams are not avoiding them either. This gallery holds pictures of our dogs taken for the benefit of TV shows. Two pictures should be mentioned here as well, for which a young photograph Aleksandar Stojkovic received a prize in 1977. The title of those is “Kiss and Hug”.

Slobodan Adamovic and Saras BIS CAC Pančevo 1998
       Eremit i Fruška - photo "hug" A. Stojković
       Eremit i Fruška - photo "Kiss" A. Stojković
  Ford and Slobodan with show hosts
   In “Sunday afternoon” of RTV Pancevo

    Ford and Slobodan in show shot at café “Couppé”

 Slobodan, Apolon, Kendi and Vladimir Vujin - CAC Zrenjanin